Spider Cactus rare houseplant growth conditions

Spider Cactus is a rare houseplant that adds beauty to your place. Gymnocalycium baldianum and dwarf chin cactus are the other common name for spider cactus. It is a plant that grows in the cactus family Cactaceae native to Argentina’s Catamarca Province.

Spider Cactus

This is a little unbranching cactus with rounded ribs capped in long white spines that bend and hug the plant surface. The common name spider cactus refers to how they look like little white spiders. Flowers are large and showy, reaching roughly 7.5cm across, and colored white or pink

spider cactus flowers
spider cactus flowers

Where to plant spider cactus?

Succulents like Gymnocalycium Horstii dwarf chin cactus require a lot of light. Make careful to give this succulent plenty of sunshine when growing it in a garden. It grows well in full to partial sunlight. So it is preferable to develop outside rather than within.

In addition, this cactus enjoys a hot climate. It can live in zones 10a-11b, which have temperatures ranging from -1.1°C to 30°F. If you reside in a chilly climate, it is best to grow Cactus inside. The plant will thrive as long as it receives adequate sunshine.

Where to plant spider cactus
Where to plant spider cactus

When deciding on a pot, make sure you understand the differences in the materials utilized.

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How to propagate Spider cactus?

Dwarf chin cactus can grow with seeds. This succulent does not require frequent repotting. Of course, when purchased from a store, first-time repotting is required. A well-drained soil combination is required, as for other succulents.

How to propagate Spider cactus
How to propagate Spider cactus

How to grow ‘Spider Cactus’from Seeds?

This spider cactus (Gymnocalycium Horstii) succulent is a sluggish grower, therefore even though it may be propagated by seeds, this approach is not advised. Plant the seeds in a well-draining soil mixture to grow. This procedure may be utilized outside. Indoor propagation is advised in colder climates.

How to grow 'Spider Cactus'from Seeds
How to grow ‘Spider Cactus’from Seeds

Common conditions to propagate/ grow dwarf chin

These are the basic requirements for Gymnocalycium baldianum cactus propagation. A proper amount of all these conditions are necessary to grow cactus.


Gymnocalycium baldianum demands low water requirements. So before watering, ensure to dry the soil completely. If the soil is still damp, you risk overwatering the plant, which might cause it to rot. When watering this plant, water the well and then allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.


This plant, like all of your other plants, requires fertilization, but at a reduced rate. Plant fertilizer is required to promote healthy development and maintain plant health. More information on how to effectively fertilize these plants may be found below.

Full sunlight

Place in a bright, sun-drenched room for virtually the whole day. Alternatively, place it immediately in a south-facing window.

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